Does your Garden need a Retaining Wall?

The ideas and topics about gardening and landscaping are endless. That’s probably because we are all wanted to have the best. One of the topics that people are still wanting to get clarification is that, do you need a retaining wall for your garden? Is it necessary build one?

In order to give you a better idea about retaining wall, which basically not everyone knows what it is really and why your garden needs one. Let’s learn more about retaining walls today.

What is a Retaining Wall?

So what it is really? Let’s define it in a simple way. Retaining wall is support wall built to prevent soil erosion and collapse. Some say that its main purpose is to fight gravity. When it comes to landscaping Vancouver, retaining wall is one of the must haves especially when a sort of excavation took place. It is needed to hold the slope in place to avoid erosion.

There are several ways to build a retaining wall. Depending on its height, it can either be made of concrete poured in a mold right in place. Other walls are made of pre-cast blocks arranged and put in place together like creating building blocks. It is normally attached to a gravel base. The design is pretty much depending on what you want.

Does your garden need it?

The best person to answer this question is you. Looking at the landscaping project that you are planning or that you’ve already built, do you think you need a retaining wall? There are some important points that you need to take a look at to know whether you need it or not.

First is your location and the area of the landscape. If your home is in a downhill and is prone to erosion, then you really need the retaining wall. Next is to consider the amount of excavation done and design. Don’t forget, walls are also important to make sure that you build the right landscaping design that you want. These walls can also serve as bench where you can sit while enjoying the surroundings.

You can also consider the foundation of your home and the surrounding area. In most cases, building a retaining wall will not only protect you but the entire area too, maybe including your neighbours’. It can also help to stop water run-off in which definitely help with water efficiency in the garden.

More Ideas…

Although building a retaining wall is not mainly required, but many landscaping companies would have it added on their packages. It is probably because they know for sure how having these walls help in all so many ways. From support, design and efficiency. So if you are planning to hire a professional to do your landscaping plan, make sure to ask them about it. And in the event that you decide to do the landscaping by yourself, make sure that you have the best and the right ideas about it. And the decision whether you install a retaining wall or not is up to you.

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