Consider Your Pets When Doing Landscape Design

As your pet is a part of your family, you consider them when making family decisions. If you are a pet owner, you have committed to taking good care of the critter.  Meet some of their needs at least to the minimum.  Pets need some space to move around freely.  Dogs need a large backyard to exercise.  Cats seem to know no obstacles but could still use certain space to walk around.  A thumb rule:  the bigger the pet, the bigger the space needed.

In the case of landscape design, taking pets into consideration will actually save you from trouble.  So, make your landscape design and pets play nicely together.  The following are some useful tips to designing a pet-friendly landscape.

Know your pet

Behavior in pets will vary depending on the race or type.  In fact, every pet is unique.  Some love digging, others will jump into the pool, while others are always trying to escape.  Make sure you are aware of your pet’s behavior and design accordingly.  Learn what is their approach to things in order to avoid mishaps in the future.

Add shades

This is more about adding a comfortable area for your pet.  Depending on where you live, consider how hot temperatures can get. Very hot temperatures can be dangerous for a dog. Design a play area for your pet located under a tree.  Or at least allow a resting area with a shade.

Another solution for your pet’s comfort is to add a water source.  A simple low water fountain or water hose bib will do.

Set limits

We really wished our pets were able to stay away from plants, especially those that are hazardous for them.  But since this is not going to happen, you might want to consider either fencing the pet or the plants.  The idea is to keep them both away from each other.

Include an area to fence pets.  This is especially useful if you do not have a fenced backyard or whenever you have guests.  Keep the pets safely away from your guests in a nice area.


We want to keep a nice green turf all the time. But then we have these yellow spots in our yards that keep forming.  It turns out that those dirt spots are caused by your dog. Due to their high-protein diet, dog urine has a high content of nitrogen.  This causes the grass to burn.  Some ways around this could be to constantly water the yard to dilute the urine.

You could also assign a grass-free area for your pet to urinate.  Of course, you would need to train your dog for this.

Pet-friendly plants

Don´t forget to add plants that will not harm your pets.   There are some plants that are toxic to your pets;  avoid planting them.  Don´t include plants with leaves that can be playful to dogs, especially.  Bushes with twigs are an invitation for pets to play around and dig holes.  If possible, put some hen wire around some of your plants.

Don´t forget to make a space for you to relax while you are outside with your pet.  The truth is that you might always want to consider designing your landscape with pets in mind.  Pet visitors might come or you will probably want to have one.  If you are interested in a nice Labradoodle, make sure to contact the best dog breeder in Ontario.



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