Predators that Kill Termites

Termites are an important part of the ecosystem, but if they begin to invade our home, they only cause destruction. If they are left unchecked, they could wreak havoc that could cost us thousands of dollars to fix. That’s why we always have to be on alert and make sure that no signs of them are present in our home. Taking that in mind, if we ever see even the slightest evidence of termite infestation, we must begin a campaign to eliminate them and if possible, prevent them from coming into our home again.

Several methods can be used to exterminate termites and one of them is by using natural means. An effective natural way to kill termites is to deploy their predators. Termite control is much easier if we use predators to hunt them down. After all, they will do their best to find their location and eat them all. Okay, without further ado, let’s see which predators that kill termites.


There are different types of lizards and snakes that are known to eat termites. Large monitor lizards, skinks, and agamid lizards have been known to eat termites directly from their colonies in Africa. In Australia, legless lizards, frill-necked lizards and geckos eat termites. Snakes are also known to eat termites within their proximity when the opportunity arises.


Multiple kinds of birds are known to eat termites, no matter what kind – flying termites or termites crawling on the ground. Here are some of the birds that are known to eat termites:

  • Swallows
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Swifts
  • Weavers
  • Spotted Eagle Owls
  • Coucal
  • Chickens
  • Doves
  • Storks

The first five eats flying termites while the next five eats exposed termites on the ground.


There are multiples mammalian species that loves to hunt for termites and there are also who will eat termites when the opportunity arises.

Some mammals that actively hunt for termites include anteater, aardvarks, and echidnas. Bats prey termite swarmers and shrews and moles will have a delicious snack when they find termites underground.

Humans are also known to eat termite snacks from time to time. No, we’re not talking about our ancestors from thousands of years ago. Many people all around the world are still enjoying snack time with termites.

In Africa, termites are still considered as a main source of food and there are even certain people who have a habit of getting termites off the ground to prepare them for eating.


There are also species of bugs that are known to eat termites like ants and spiders. Ants are probably the main competitors of termites and there are about six species of ants that will actively hunt for termites. The carpenter ant is one such species.

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